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Sandi Fernandez 

Seattle based singer-songwriter with a captivating blend of Indie Folk Rock, Country, and Americana sounds, delivering heartfelt lyrics, resonant vocals, and a soulful performances.

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About Me

As a singer-songwriter from Seattle, I bring a unique blend of Indie Folk Rock, Americana, and Country to my music. My songs are heartfelt and authentic, drawing inspiration from my personal experiences and the world around me. Whether I'm performing live in Seattle, on Twitch, or recording in the studio, I always strive to create music that resonates with my audience and speaks to the human experience.


I draw upon my deep connection with my family to write music that reflects the love and challenges that come from these formative relationships. My music explores the pain of loss, the beauty of love, and the importance of home. I wrap it all up into a melody-driven belting style of Indie Folk Rock.

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